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“As accountants, helping our clients raise finance is something we do a lot.

We can help lenders see your true potential."

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Avoding knock backs when raising finance
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Avoiding Knock Backs

One question all lenders tend to ask is, have any other lenders turned you down?

It’s best if you can answer no to this, as prior rejections are a red flag to loan officers.

That’s why we work with you to get your loan approved first time.

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Stress Testing Your Application

Lenders typically have a set of simple tests they’ll apply to your application.

We cast a critical eye over your financial statements, looking at your key financial ratios from a lender’s point of view.

Stress Testing Your Loan Application - Approved

Do you need our help to find the ideal balance between tax savings and creditworthiness?

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We’ll help you show lenders you’re worth the risk.

Advance Planning for Loan
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Advance Planning

A key question we ask clients each year when preparing accounts and tax returns is, are you planning on raising finance?

If you are, we’ll help you find the ideal balance between minimising tax and keeping your financial statements “loan friendly”.

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Access to Lenders

We are not loan brokers, but we do have good relationships with many brokers and lenders.

Over the years we’ve gained a good sense of which lenders are right for individual clients and loan types.

We’ll gladly make the introductions.

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