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Save Time and Hassle

We get it. Having your accountant take care of your books is not for everyone. Some clients love their bookkeepers and long may that continue!

But others find they create too much extra work.

Better Books Plus is our answer to anyone seeking the better solution.

What’s Included in Better Books Plus?

Full Service Bookkeeping For The Growing Business

  • Including software hire
  • Receipt Matching
  • Account reconciliations


  • For up to 5 Staff

Your Book Keepers Qualified to Make Executive Decisions

  • Save time
  • Avoid errors and delays

All Statutory Filings and Statement Preparation

  • Quarterly BAS / GST lodgement
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Personal Tax Returns for business owners
  • PAYG Payment Summary Statement

Quarterly Management Accounts

  • Up to date accounts help you plan and make good financial decisions about your business
  • They’re also the key to effective tax planning

Annual Tax Planning

  • This part is vital if you want to take full advantage of tax reduction opportunities.
  • It’s only possible to do this properly if your accounts are bang up to date.

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Save Time and Hassle

Better books plus is ideal for the growing small business, or one that’s undergoing big changes of some kind.

All sorts of new accounting issues crop up at such times of flux. And without constant, timely supervision from you and your accountant, there’s lots of room for bookkeeping mistakes.

Bookkeeping mistakes take time to fix. They can mess up your tax and cash flow too!

When you just don’t have the time to supervise and answer questions, Better Books Plus takes away the problem. Your accountant takes care of everything for you!

Business Smarts

For the typical annual cost of renting software, book keeping and basic accounting, you get a full service, high end accounting package covering all your needs, including:

  • Quarterly management accounts to help you make better, more timely decisions
  • Annual tax planning - well in advance of the year end


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