Introducing Maxine

Maxine is our newest addition, joining our House during our relocation to Bayswater. We're all settled into our new office now, and Maxine has very quickly found her feet and hit the ground running.

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Moving office!

As our facebook friends would have seen online this morning, we’re about to move the office back to our roots in outer eastern Melbourne. Just a stone’s throw from Dale’s old office in Kilsyth, we’re proud to announce that our new home will be:

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Are you on Facebook?

We are! And inspired by some of the creative tax deductions outlined in Trust Magic, we'll be starting a new series on our facebook page from Monday.

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New beginnings

Alright! After a few technical difficulties last year (hey, we’re accountants, not IT specialists), we’ve now had the entire website rebuilt in wordpress. You’ll notice that it still looks and feels much the same, with the blog now integrated into the main body of the site... where it should be.Read more

Tax Office Spam & Scams

I wrote an article about this time last year (yep, we've been doing this blog thing for over a year now!!) about an email doing the rounds, seemingly from the tax office, asking for bank account details. If you missed it at the time, you can get a quick recap now.

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Tax Planning 101 - Accounting Fees

Ok, so this one might be a little cheeky. But hey, can't hurt to mention it anyway as it really does benefit you, dear reader.

The key concept with prepaying expenses is to bring forward things that you know that you'll have to buy sooner or later anyway. Get them inside of this financial year and you get to claim the tax benefit back almost straight away instead of waiting until over a year later. We discussed this recently in reference to prepaying interest; it's a good system, hey?

The same principle can apply with accounting fees. You know that it's gonna happen soon enough, so by taking us up on this offer... you get a tax benefit, and you give me a tax problem! ;-)

Existing clients will also get the existing rates, instead of the slightly-increasing rates that will come into play from July onwards, which makes for a discount on offer, as well. I know that you all love a discount.

So! With just a slight hint of mischievousness, we'll leave you with that one to think about. And if you're interested, feel free to drop either myself or Dannielle a line and we'll get something hooked up for you.

Free residex reports

Our good friends at Verix Finance recently sent a few bits and pieces to us, as part of their thanks for our presentation at their March seminar on using the tax system to your advantage. Amongst this, there was a good handful of vouchers for a free Residex Comparative Market Property Report. Rather than use them all ourselves, we thought that it might be a better idea to offer these to our clients and readers of our blog.

These reports can help you assess the value of a particular property and include previous sale prices along with suburb demographics and property trends in the area.

If you'd like us to send one of these vouchers out to you (for use on any property that you like), please either comment below or email Dannielle, and we'll get you hooked up quickly.

Bye the way, the next Verix seminar is on this week! The topic is all about negotiation tactics and James will be along to help answer any accounting or investment questions that you might have, as well. Our readers can get a special discount by using the code HOW when ordering your tickets. See you there!

Seminar discounts for our readers

Hey! We wanted to let you all know about a couple of seminars coming up that we're going to be involved in.

On the 17th March, Verix – March Property Investing Event - Tax Strategies. James will be speaking about tax strategies for investors with topics like capitalising interest, creative tax deductions, and different ownership structures. We've also negotiated a discount for our blog readers, so please email me directly if you’re interested.

Also, there is the Renovate & Profit Workshop on the 27th March, where you can learn about using renovation as a wealth creation tool, how you can get Real-Estate agents and tradies working for you and so much more. There will be a variety of speakers for different topics, and it certainly isn't all about us. Again, we've organised a 20% discount on this event for our readers and fans of our facebook page, so just shout if you'd like the promotion code for this one.

Looking for real estate agents

Just a quick one today.

We've recently launched a new range of services, specifically designed for proactive real estate agents. We're pretty excited about the potential here and would love your help in spreading the word. As investors, we're all working with agents on a regular basis and we've got a few ideas on how they could do things better.

So, if you know a great real estate agent, or if you're dealing with a brilliant property manager, we'd love to know about it. Drop me a line, or, feel free to pass on our details, and we'll see what we can get happening to create a win / win scenario for everyone involved.


The sharemarket game is back!

Yep, the House of Wealth Share Trading Game is back. Yay! It will be commencing on Thursday the 11th of March, just after the long weekend. So come on guys, take the challenge and play against us and other clients, there is a prize for the winner!

If you’re interested in participating please email me here and I’ll give you the Rules and Registration handout to get you started. It’s great fun and helps build your share trading skills. Last time, our very own Dave won with a total networth of $25,243, a great effort after starting the game with $20,000, over 25% return in just ten weeks.

The average score for all players was about $22,000 – making an annualised return of 64% across the board. Think you can do better than that? Or you're really not sure, but think it could be fun to try? Come and play - you know you want to!