e-Record is finally going!

The Tax Office’s record-keeping product, e-Record, has been reviewed... and trashed. So it will no longer be available from the 2010-11 income year. The tax office decided that it no longer was well-suited with the current commercial record-keeping systems (no surprise) and would also have needed to be redeveloped so it can keep up with technology and new business directions. The cost was too much to bear, so the tax office will remove it for download as of 30th June.

In other news. We've recently teamed up with the group at the Educated Investor book store, which we believe is the best of its kind in Australia. You might have already seen the little link on the sidebar to your right there. Joining their mailing list also gives you regular discounts on their products, so it might be worth looking at, too. Soon, we're hoping to have this site branded similar to our own and to be able to offer you exclusive promotional codes - so check it out and stay tuned.

Tax office system upgrades are now in progress

You might remember me writing about the planned upgrades that the tax office were making to their computer systems this year. Those are now already in progress and so their processing times are slowing down beyond the usual times. Unfortunately there isn't too much that we can do to speed that up other than encouraging you all to return signed documents to us quickly.

Hopefully they will be finished within a week or two and their processing times will be back to normal.

On another note, since we've been working so hard already this year, we’ll be closed on both Monday and Tuesday for the Australia Day long weekend. So if you need to get in contact with us, just shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you first thing Wednesday morning. Have a great weekend!

Time to get a move on!

Hiya Guys!

Holidays weren’t long enough but it’s good to be back working with you all again. If you still haven’t organised your 2009 returns, you better get a move on! Just contact us if you'd like to book a time to come in or just shoot your information across whenever you're ready

On a different note, James has gone and done the unthinkable, signed up for this year’s “Shave For A Cure” with the Leukaemia Foundation. All of James’ hair will be gone soon, so come on guys lets all support this fantastic fundraiser and give a small donation. Everyone here has Funds go directly to the charity and are used to help research bone marrow cancer and provide support for those suffering. It is an excellent cause, and you know it’s tax deductible.

So to get on board, please follow this link to make a donation or ask us how to donate in person next time you're in the office.

By the way, the blog now has a search button that you can use to look for information across all of the posts that we've made so far. We’ve also tagged what we think were the Top 5 Posts For 2009 - these are really interesting and informative and you should definitely check them out.

Ciao guys!

Back to work!

Just a quick one, holidays are just about over so no more sleeping in, we will be back in the office on Monday 11th of January. We will be in the office during the usual times this year, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

So if you haven't already, now is the time to get your records together and get things moving. We're all recharged and refreshed for a big year ahead.

Bring it on!

Share trading results

Hi! The share trading game has come to an end - and David has held on to be the winner of this round. All his knowledge and research has really paid off, well done David! He finished with a total networth of $25,243, a great effort after starting the game with $20,000, over 25% return in just ten weeks.

The average score for all players was about $22,000 - making an annualised return of 64% across the board. Go team!

Also, just letting you know that we will be taking a short break from the Share Trading game early next year. We'll gauge interest again after that short break and get back into it again, but of course we will notify you all when it will commence again.

Also, just because we're all going on holidays doesn't mean we're going to abandon this blog for nearly three weeks! We have written some more articles that will be posted during the holidays, with more blogs about property and shares and other interesting details that you may like to know. So please keep coming back to check those out if you get a moment during the madness over Christmas and New Years.

Early xmas present!

Hey! Completely unscheduled blog, but thought this might be worth breaking rank for. I was talking to my old man last night, and convinced him that it would be a good idea to offer you all an early Christmas present.

'Wealth Sabotage!' is a product that I co-wrote and helped Dale Gatherum-Goss to create, which focuses on how to overcome mental obstacles between you and your goals. There is a pdf booklet included along with a series of spreadsheets to help demonstrate the concepts discussed.

Dale usually sells the cd's for $49 and the digital download for $27 - but if you ask nicely before Christmas, you can have a copy, free. Just contact Dannielle and she'll arrange that for you right away.

Merry Christmas! :-)

Tax office upgrades

Just one week to go in the sharemarket game now. I'm sounding like a broken record but Dave is still in front with $24,651. Last time David R managed to overtake James in the last week of trading - can someone storm from behind to beat Dave before Christmas?

In other news... we let you all know recently about the tax office updates happening in January that will play havoc with their systems for a little while. Well now they're telling us that some processing will be suspended in the weeks leading up to the upgrades and may continue right through February 2010, just until the new system gradually returns to full processing.

Both business and individual taxpayers are encouraged to have their tax returns and activity statements lodged as early as possible to reduce any delays, and they tell us that January 11th 2010 is a date worth aiming for if you're expecting a refund.

The usual due dates don't change at all because of all this, just the time that the tax office will need to process things, so don't stress too much and have a great weekend everyone!

Conquered a fear of heights!

Two weeks of the share trading game to go! Dave is just killing it now, sitting on $24,735 with most competitors sitting back around the $21,000 mark. But I'm now in the top three!

On another note,

I finally ventured on the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere the Eureka Skydeck despite my fear of heights I did it, and gosh was I terrified when I went on The Edge, but it was an extraordinary experience that I won’t forget. Being on the 88th level was a very nerve ranking experience but the sky deck was very relaxing and the views were absolutely amazing, looking above the city, seeing all the city night lights was just gorgeous.

But then came the Edge, this was when the nerves really kicked in, being in a small glass box, that projects 3 metres out of the building, 300 metres above the ground and the glass I was standing on was only 4cm thick really made me nervous. The glass was all fogged up you couldn’t see through then all of a sudden you could hear a cracking noise and the glass begins to go clear.

The couple of minutes in the box felt like hours I was too scared to move from the spot I was standing my hands sweating from holding on to the rail so tightly, and I didn’t want to look down but I couldn’t help myself I had to which just terrified me more. Cars looked like ants and people well you just couldn’t see them. When the Edge experience had finished and I was back on the ground I wanted to kiss it, but it’s definitely an experience that I’ll do again.

Want our number?

That time of week again, people. Dave has kept his massive lead over everyone in the sharemarket game for yet another week but it looks like everyone (Dave included) got hammered today with falls across the board. Ouch!

Also, just so you all know, we've finally finished re-structuring our company. Everything continues exactly as it did before, but we now have a brand spanking new tax agent number that will be effective as of Tuesday 1st of December. So if you need it for anything, disregard any such numbers that you might have seen before and replace them with this one: 80936 000.

Have a great weekend! =]

Join us on facebook!

Hey, weekly trading game update. Dave is still in front by about $2k, after most players seemed to stay more or less in place from last week. Only four weeks to go now, people, so keep emailing me your trades!

And only five weeks until Christmas. So, just a reminder that we're closing the office from Wednesday 23rd December until Monday 11th January. There's still enough time for us to get some work done for you though, so just shout if we can help.

By the way, have you seen our facebook page yet? We just ticked over 200 fans - if you're not one of them yet, maybe you should be! Go on, check it out. And have a great weekend!