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Hiya! What a beautiful week it's been outside. Shame we've been stuck in an office for most of it... Grrr. At least Dave has made the most of his time inside by streaking away from the pack in the sharemarket game again. He's now $2,000 ahead of his nearest rival! But with five weeks left to go there's still time for everyone else to catch up.

We were thinking earlier this week (always dangerous) and it occurred to us that maybe everyone doesn't know about all the different things that we can do to help. Our name is House of Wealth Accounting Solutions, of course, and that's because we like to find solutions for investors with their accounting and wealth creation.

Did you know that we can help you to;

  • increase the cashflow from your investment properties?
  • sort out messy lines of credit and other mixed-use loans?
  • analyse potential property purchases and sales?
  • do lots of other things too!

We created a new page to let you all know what we can do to help. So, have a look at our services and just shout if there is anything that you would like us to help with.

Only 7 weeks?!?!

It’s that time of week again so time for the share trading update, well no one has been able to get ahead of David who is sitting on $23,809, but not too far behind is one of our clients Edward who jumped to $22,450. Go Edward!

Something else now, we also received an email from the tax office this week about their new system updates. What it means for you is that any returns lodged, or still in their system in late January and early February, could be delayed a little. With Christmas also quickly approaching - omg, only 7 weeks!! - you should probably make an effort to get organised pretty soon if you haven't already.

Oh, and if you want to read more about that tax office change program, there is more info on the tax office website.

We're growing!

Hiya! Share Trading Game update, well Dave has stayed in first place with a cash balance of $23,660, and James is still just behind. The market went back a bit for most of the week and it looks like a few people took their eye off the ball and got hurt before it rebounded today. Registration's now closed for this game but I'll keep posting the weekly updates so you can see how it's all going.

On another fun note,

We welcome Danny Holwell, the newest team member to our House! We first found Danny on the Invested forums a bit over a year ago, posting about his wealth creation goals. So just click here to introduce yourself to the wonderful Danny. We're really happy to have him officially join us now.

I hope you have an awesome weekend! =]

Running late?

Like every Friday afternoon now, first let's see the sharemarket game update. James is still winning and up to $21,737 after only two weeks but it's early days yet and a few players including our last winner David R not too far behind.

It's still not too late to join this round of the sharemarket game, so show us your stuff and take up the challenge. Just email me to find out how to get started.

The other thing we need to tell you about is the tax office lodgement program. What that means for you is that if you're planning to change accountants or haven't done anything with your new accountant yet, and you want us to be involved in that process somewhere,  then the tax office usually like to know about it before 31st October where possible. So if that's you, maybe best to let us know about it sometime in the next two weeks so we can help organise an extension for you.

Have a great weekend!  =]

Happy new year!

It's the 1st of July. A new year starts today... and, a new day started this morning; just like every other.

This, to me, is a good reminder of the folly of new year's resolutions - regardless of whether you celebrate the holiday in January or any other month. Goals can be set at any time and so, waiting until a particular day before committing to its achievement just doesn't make any sense. In many ways, it's simply a procrastination technique. Almost every smoker that I know will tell me in December how they plan to quit in January. Nevermind that they're usually lighting up again by the 3rd, which is another issue altogether.

Regardless, chances are pretty damn good that you've already got everything that you need to set these wheels in motion and to start taking steps towards achieving your goals; whatever they may be. So if you haven't already, cliched as the date may seem; resolve to do so, today. Go!

You can see some of our personal goals on each team member's page on our website. For the company, our plans include increasing the existing client base, hiring more staff, reducing turnaround times, and investigating other avenues with which we can help you to achieve your goals.

The 2010 financial year started this morning. Less than 365 days left of this financial year - so, tell us, what are your plans for that time?


Check out the new House Rules...


Thanks to the fantastic work by Chantelle Baxter, we now have a House of Wealth blog! Huzzah!

This will replace the House Rules newsletter that we used to email out every few months. We figured that really, three months is far too long to wait for new information, when there is just so much happening in the financial world around us at the moment. Beyond that, we reckon this should be a lot of fun.

So, we'll be updating this for you at least once a week.

Please subscribe by using the RSS feed button down the bottom of the page there, and of course, feel free to forward this along to anyone that you feel might find enjoy what we have to say. Comments to all posts are more than welcome, too, as we'd love to hear your thoughts on things as we go along.