Gambling and Investing

Nick Radge of The Chartist fame made a comment on facebook this morning, asking the question; "All trading can be considered gambling... is something I hear on occasion. What do you think?"

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Christ, what a week. Nothing puts our own personal goals into perspective like a catastrophe on the scale that Japan has just encountered. Earthquakes, tsunamis and now apparently the threat of a nuclear distaster. Not cool.

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One Girl

Chantelle Baxter is the rather talented individual who first created the current amazing design for our website. She's also the driving force behind One Girl (the new name for Project8, for those playing at home), changing the world one girl at a time.

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Customer Service

As you may have seen recently, I had the good fortune of finding a girl silly enough to agree to marry me. So over the weekend, in all its forty-degree-plus glory, we trekked all through the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges hunting for somewhere nice to hold the ceremony and reception.

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Trust Magic

Many of you will know already that I fell into this accounting game thanks to my father, who – literally – wrote the book on trusts. His manual, “Trust Magic” is now being reviewed and rewritten, expected to be re-released within the month.

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Tax Planning 101 - Start Now!

New Years' Eve already, hey? I don't know about you but I can't believe just how quickly it's gone. And, with just a few hours left until the end of this financial year, now is the perfect time to start your tax planning.

For 2010/11, of course.

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Looking for tradies

We've noticed a sharp increase in renovation activity recently, as clients have looked to manufacture capital growth instead of simply waiting for the market to deliver it to them. Brilliant.

Some prefer the DIY approach, getting in there and doing it all themselves. Others still have paid what appears to be over the odds, to employ someone else to organise the whole thing from start to finish.

Most, though, seem to prefer taking more of a 'project manager' role, organising the various tradies and coordinating the reno without getting directly involved.

Often, this leads to clients asking us for recommended tradies and the like. We have the odd contact from our own experience but we're always keen to hear about your good experiences, as well.

So, do you have anyone who you can recommend to us...?

New property investment forum

Hey! Another quick one from me this week.

We recently stumbled upon a new property investment forum. This place is actually brand new (opened this week!) and is still just finding its feet. So, we've jumped on board to offer our time, and our investment and accounting expertise for those who might be interested.

As a little background, the "B Invested" forum is run by Nathan Birch, an individual who recently retired from full-time work to become a full-time investor.

In his 20's.

Needless to say, we're big fans of both his style and his skill with making money from buying real estate. And, we're looking forward to seeing the forum grow and thrive and would love to see you there, too.

You can find the forum by clicking here. Get on board - we have.

e-Record is finally going!

The Tax Office’s record-keeping product, e-Record, has been reviewed... and trashed. So it will no longer be available from the 2010-11 income year. The tax office decided that it no longer was well-suited with the current commercial record-keeping systems (no surprise) and would also have needed to be redeveloped so it can keep up with technology and new business directions. The cost was too much to bear, so the tax office will remove it for download as of 30th June.

In other news. We've recently teamed up with the group at the Educated Investor book store, which we believe is the best of its kind in Australia. You might have already seen the little link on the sidebar to your right there. Joining their mailing list also gives you regular discounts on their products, so it might be worth looking at, too. Soon, we're hoping to have this site branded similar to our own and to be able to offer you exclusive promotional codes - so check it out and stay tuned.

Time to get a move on!

Hiya Guys!

Holidays weren’t long enough but it’s good to be back working with you all again. If you still haven’t organised your 2009 returns, you better get a move on! Just contact us if you'd like to book a time to come in or just shoot your information across whenever you're ready

On a different note, James has gone and done the unthinkable, signed up for this year’s “Shave For A Cure” with the Leukaemia Foundation. All of James’ hair will be gone soon, so come on guys lets all support this fantastic fundraiser and give a small donation. Everyone here has Funds go directly to the charity and are used to help research bone marrow cancer and provide support for those suffering. It is an excellent cause, and you know it’s tax deductible.

So to get on board, please follow this link to make a donation or ask us how to donate in person next time you're in the office.

By the way, the blog now has a search button that you can use to look for information across all of the posts that we've made so far. We’ve also tagged what we think were the Top 5 Posts For 2009 - these are really interesting and informative and you should definitely check them out.

Ciao guys!