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Set important long-term life goals

Financial planning is all about making sure you can afford to do the things that are most important to you.

Some common long-term goals are: buying a first home, paying off the mortgage, putting the kids through Uni and retiring with a comfortable income.

Yours may be different of course. But as your financial planner, our job is to help you figure out those big goals and make practical plans for achieving them.

Financial Planning Turn Dreams Into Reality
Use Financial Planning to Protect Mortgage
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If things go wrong, who would pay your mortgage?

How would you and your family cope with a sudden loss of income?

Would you lose your home, or have to liquidate investments below market rates? Would the kids be able to complete their education?

Ensuring you’re covered for setbacks like this is an important part of financial planning. We help you protect yourself with an emergency fund and a tailored mix of income and life insurance.

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Prevent tax wastage and increase savings with our specialist tax and Centrelink advice

Tax-efficient structuring of your savings and investments can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary tax.

Yet most financial planners have very limited tax knowledge. On the other hand, most accountants who offer financial planning tend to outsource their financial planning to organisations that are primarily sales-specialists.

Our biggest point of difference is that we are first and foremost tax and Centrelink specialists. We apply our advanced taxation and Centrelink expertise to all your financial planning to ensure maximum savings over the long term.

Financial Planner Centrelink and Tax Specialist

Need some specialist tax or Centrelink advice to maximise your savings?

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Budget and Know Your Outgoings
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Know your numbers

A vital step in the planning process is to create an ongoing picture of your outgoings. The more accurate the better.

We use that information to help you draw up a realistic budget, allocating surplus funds to savings accounts or investments.

As your circumstances change, we continually reassess. Doing that ensures you keep an ideal balance between spending and saving.

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We’re fund agnostic

That means we’re not tied to any particular investment manager or life insurance company.

This is important, because it means any advice we give you about investment products is impartial.

We recommend the best financial products for your circumstances.

Fund agnostic financial planners you choose where to invest
save money - put surplus funds to work
Financial Planning Icon - Put your money to work

Most people have more money than they realise: make the most of it

When you don’t have a clear purpose for your money in mind, it’s all too easy to spend it.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all made big purchases we later realise were a total waste.

Spare cash has a way of burning a hole in your pocket. Bright shiny objects are everywhere.

Financial planning sets up systems to help you avoid making those mistakes over and over.

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