Safeguarding your family's income and the lives of those who earn it is vital for your long term security

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Income Protection Insurance

You probably wouldn’t hesitate to insure valuable assets like your car or home against loss or damage. But your most important asset is your income.

Income protection insurance provides you with temporary income in the event of accident, sudden illness and in some cases redundancy. It can cover up to 75% of your income and run for up to 5 years, so long as you are unable to work.

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Life Insurance

In the event you or your spouse were to pass away, your family’s sense of loss would be hard enough. But losing a primary source of income would make things far worse.

A life insurance policy provides a guarantee that life will go on without you, or your spouse. It means your family would at least be shielded from sudden financial hardship if the unthinkable were to happen.

Life policies come in many forms, but most offer a lump sum payout and / or monthly payments for a fixed number of years.

If you have a dependent family and carry high levels of debt, we strongly recommend you consider life insurance

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We’re 'Provider Agnostic'

That means we’re not tied to any insurance company.

This is important, because it means any advice we give you about insurance is impartial.

We recommend the best financial products for your circumstances without bias towards any particular provider.

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