Here's how you find out if you're missing out on unclaimed Aged Pension payments from Centrelink

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Should You Ask Centrelink Staff for Advice?

Before you talk to Centrelink about claiming your Aged Pension, it’s worth remembering that Centrelink staff are not employed as client advocates. First and foremost, they represent the interests of the Australian Government.

Yes, they’re there to help - but in their world, help means simply processing your claim efficiently and correctly. What they definitely will not do, is advise you how to structure your financial affairs in such a way as to best qualify for claim. That’s our role.

As independent Centrelink Aged Pension Strategy advisers, you hire us to ensure you get the best outcome legally possible from Centrelink.

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100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

It’s also worth bearing in mind that any information you disclose to Centrelink about your financial circumstances, could potentially be used against you when making a future claim.

By contrast, as financial planners, our we are bound to treat any information that our clients reveal to us in the strictest confidence.

So when you consult House of Wealth about Centrelink, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing whatever you tell us goes no further.

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The Hidden Value of a $1 Centrelink Allowance: Why Bother?

Talking to Centrelink can be immensely time consuming and frustrating. That reality leads many to dismiss Centrelink payments as being more trouble than they’re worth.

But here’s something to consider. Many allowances, however small, automatically qualify you for a Health Care Card, also known as Concession Card.

A Health Care Card is worth thousands, in the form of concessions on energy bills, vehicle regos, rates, Health Care, including very cheap prescriptions and public transport costs, as well as many other discounts from the public and private sectors.

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Some Centrelink Allowances We Can Help You Claim

  • Age Pension
  • Maternity and Paternity Allowances
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Carer Payment, Carer Allowance, Carer Supplement

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Optimal Structuring for Maximum Centrelink Benefitsc

We’ve helped many clients maximise their Centrelink claims over the years. One of the most useful strategies we can help with is restructuring the way your family owns assets.

For example, gifting assets to a child or spouse under certain circumstances can make you eligible for an Aged Pension, with minimal tax consequences for the beneficiary.

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