A few reasons why you might choose to manage your own super fund...

Choose Where to Invest Your Money

As your own wealth manager you’re free to make investment decisions that industry and retail super funds would not, or could not make, for whatever reason.

Operating at a much smaller scale than a commercial fund, you can take advantage of smaller scale investment vehicles offering higher growth potential (albeit with higher downside risks).

Choose Where To Invest
Convert Your Super Balance to $600,000 Property Investment

Turn Your $200,000 Super Balance into a $600,000 Property Investment

Don’t have sufficient funds to purchase an investment property outright? Current regulations allow you to borrow money to fund the purchase.

This strategy is not without risks, but it allows you to use gearing to accelerate growth in a rising property market.

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Consolidate Your Funds

Where you and family members hold two or more separate funds there can be good reasons to combine them.

You’ll benefit from economies of scale and enjoy greater purchasing power… useful if you want to invest in property.

And with just the one fund to manage, you also stand to save on administration fees.

Consolidate Super Funds
SMSF Compliance

Leave The Compliance Issues To Us

Of course, there’s a catch to all this flexibility and it’s called compliance.

Self Managed Super Funds are governed by an elaborate set of rules. They’re a potential minefield for the unwary investor.

Our role is to keep you on the right side of those rules and avoid the penalties.

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