The tax office has released the 2013FY Tax Variation forms and has now started processing those requests. Each variation only last until the end of each financial year, so if you’ve lodged one in the past then you may want to consider requesting another one for the new year – which is only six weeks away now!  

For those who may not be aware, the Variation allows you to receive your negative gearing benefits through your paycheque instead of waiting until tax time. It usually makes much more sense to get your tax refund now instead of letting the tax office have that money – interest free! – for over a year. Especially since I’m sure that you can use the money much better than they can!

To get started, just download our 2013 PAYG Variation checklist from this page on our website and shoot it across to us when you’re ready. We recommend doing so before the end of May to give the tax office plenty of time to process the form before your first paycheque in July.