Hiya Guys!

Holidays weren’t long enough but it’s good to be back working with you all again. If you still haven’t organised your 2009 returns, you better get a move on! Just contact us if you’d like to book a time to come in or just shoot your information across whenever you’re ready

On a different note, James has gone and done the unthinkable, signed up for this year’s “Shave For A Cure” with the Leukaemia Foundation. All of James’ hair will be gone soon, so come on guys lets all support this fantastic fundraiser and give a small donation. Everyone here has Funds go directly to the charity and are used to help research bone marrow cancer and provide support for those suffering. It is an excellent cause, and you know it’s tax deductible.

So to get on board, please follow this link to make a donation or ask us how to donate in person next time you’re in the office.

By the way, the blog now has a search button that you can use to look for information across all of the posts that we’ve made so far. We’ve also tagged what we think were the Top 5 Posts For 2009 – these are really interesting and informative and you should definitely check them out.

Ciao guys!