Our office share trading game is into its fourth season now, with just over two weeks of trading completed so far on this time around. We all started with $20,000 in cash each, and can trade in and out of as many shares as we like over the three-month period. For those of you not yet playing, here’s the current top four places as of last night:

$ 22,502 – JamesGG
$ 21,267 – Andrea & Stephen
$ 21,005 – Danny H
$ 20,924 – David B

Whilst I have a long history of successful share trading, dating back to the school sharemarket games where I regularly finished in the top 50 for the state, I’m still rapt to be ahead of the game again here despite some serious competition.

Stephen and Andrea won our last game, so there’s no surprise in seeing them at the top end of the ladder as well. Top work by them, as always.

And, I’m even more rapt with Danny and David’s results to date. As part of our continuous education program in the office, we make sure that our staff learn about different investment techniques, as well as increasing their accounting knowledge. David has taken to the sharemarket like a duck in water and is learning at a phenomenal rate. Danny is another guy that I spend some time mentoring whilst he’s still in high school, and the proactive approach that these two take with their financial education is absolutely brilliant. They have regularly found and attended various seminars, read the books in our library at an alarming rate and spend a lot of time here talking about how different companies are performing lately and what they expect to happen next. All off their own bat, too, which is fantastic to see.

What this shows quite clearly to me, is just how easy it is to educate yourself on these things if you want to. Finding the motivation is often the hardest part, but for these two, that passion for learning and creating wealth has seen them achieve some remarkable results already.

Top work, guys.

And as for how I’m so far ahead, already? Well, it could be, perhaps, that Dannielle is rather susceptible to chocolate-flavoured bribery. Or, it’s because I’ve traded for a long time now and put a lot of effort into refining my technique into something that works for me. Either / either 🙂