Just a reminder for prospective clients that if you’re considering coming on board, you should give some serious thought to doing so before 31st October.

The tax office’s self-lodgement due date is less than a month away now so if you’ve been thinking about joining us at House of Wealth, you should move quickly. If the tax office know that you’re registered with a tax agent prior to that cut-off, you’ll then be included in the agent’s lodgement program and thus eligible for extended due dates (ranging from March to June 2012)… just like our existing clients. That will be particularly useful if you need more time to get your documents together, or if you’re expecting to pay tax this year, or have been clever enough to already collect most of your refund via the Variation system last year.

So to get on board, just ask for our simple “new client checklist” and shoot it back to me before the end of the month. And of course, just shout if you would like to know more about working with us first.