Two weeks of the share trading game to go! Dave is just killing it now, sitting on $24,735 with most competitors sitting back around the $21,000 mark. But I’m now in the top three!

On another note,

I finally ventured on the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere the Eureka Skydeck despite my fear of heights I did it, and gosh was I terrified when I went on The Edge, but it was an extraordinary experience that I won’t forget. Being on the 88th level was a very nerve ranking experience but the sky deck was very relaxing and the views were absolutely amazing, looking above the city, seeing all the city night lights was just gorgeous.

But then came the Edge, this was when the nerves really kicked in, being in a small glass box, that projects 3 metres out of the building, 300 metres above the ground and the glass I was standing on was only 4cm thick really made me nervous. The glass was all fogged up you couldn’t see through then all of a sudden you could hear a cracking noise and the glass begins to go clear.

The couple of minutes in the box felt like hours I was too scared to move from the spot I was standing my hands sweating from holding on to the rail so tightly, and I didn’t want to look down but I couldn’t help myself I had to which just terrified me more. Cars looked like ants and people well you just couldn’t see them. When the Edge experience had finished and I was back on the ground I wanted to kiss it, but it’s definitely an experience that I’ll do again.