Wazzup Guys,

The tax office has just updated their guide for contractors. There are a few key factors to find out whether you (or your workers) are a contractor or employee, such as the degree of control. If the worker’s payer has the right to instruct how, when, where and who is to carry out the work, then your worker is an employee. Another is see whether the worker is getting paid for the time they work or the result. Employees get paid by the hour whereas contractors get paid for the result of the work they conducted.

There’s a few other things to look at, and while there isn’t a lot different from before, it’s worth knowing which side applies to your situation as this may have an impact on things like tax and paying super.

There are also links to information about PSI, or what many of you may know as the 80/20 rule. So, it might be worth having a read if this applies to you.