As you may have seen recently, I had the good fortune of finding a girl silly enough to agree to marry me. So over the weekend, in all its forty-degree-plus glory, we trekked all through the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges hunting for somewhere nice to hold the ceremony and reception.

We saw some beautiful venues, but one thing that really struck us was that for such a lucrative industry… customer service was severely lacking. Amongst all of the venues that we inspected – and keep in mind that it was easily forty degrees outside – only one offered us a cold drink upon arrival. And, despite having appointments to meet someone for a tour, we often found ourselves wandering around for up to twenty minutes on our own before being greeted.

Given that we potentially had a good $10,000 to spend, it was really quite astonishing.

Lesson learned, though. The experience had both Sam and I contemplating how we each run our own businesses (she’s a property manager) and how we can improve the way that our clients are looked after.

So! For those of you also running your own business; perhaps it might be worth taking a moment to review your own customer service standards, as well…?