The Tax Office’s record-keeping product, e-Record, has been reviewed… and trashed. So it will no longer be available from the 2010-11 income year. The tax office decided that it no longer was well-suited with the current commercial record-keeping systems (no surprise) and would also have needed to be redeveloped so it can keep up with technology and new business directions. The cost was too much to bear, so the tax office will remove it for download as of 30th June.

In other news. We’ve recently teamed up with the group at the Educated Investor book store, which we believe is the best of its kind in Australia. You might have already seen the little link on the sidebar to your right there. Joining their mailing list also gives you regular discounts on their products, so it might be worth looking at, too. Soon, we’re hoping to have this site branded similar to our own and to be able to offer you exclusive promotional codes – so check it out and stay tuned.