It’s the 1st of July. A new year starts today… and, a new day started this morning; just like every other.

This, to me, is a good reminder of the folly of new year’s resolutions – regardless of whether you celebrate the holiday in January or any other month. Goals can be set at any time and so, waiting until a particular day before committing to its achievement just doesn’t make any sense. In many ways, it’s simply a procrastination technique. Almost every smoker that I know will tell me in December how they plan to quit in January. Nevermind that they’re usually lighting up again by the 3rd, which is another issue altogether.

Regardless, chances are pretty damn good that you’ve already got everything that you need to set these wheels in motion and to start taking steps towards achieving your goals; whatever they may be. So if you haven’t already, cliched as the date may seem; resolve to do so, today. Go!

You can see some of our personal goals on each team member’s page on our website. For the company, our plans include increasing the existing client base, hiring more staff, reducing turnaround times, and investigating other avenues with which we can help you to achieve your goals.

The 2010 financial year started this morning. Less than 365 days left of this financial year – so, tell us, what are your plans for that time?