Hi everyone, as you know we have moved to Bayswater, and have settled in quite nicely. With most of you using our address for your company’s registered office, we have been talking to ASIC over the last couple of weeks to update all of those addresses on your behalf.

We thought that this might also be a good time to remind you that if you have moved house or are planning to move soon, then please let us know so we can update this with ASIC as well. This needs to be done within 28 days of the move, or ASIC may choose to fine you for not keeping them informed. To do so, just shoot me an email with the new address and I can update that for you.

If you are not sure what details ASIC currently have on their system for you, you can let me know and I can check that out for you as well.

Thanks, hope you all have a great weekend!