Have you subscribed to the popularity of the podcast?

Thanks to the internet we have so many options when it comes to the way we find information and how we choose to absorb it. The way we access content has also changed significantly over the past couple of decades.

Podcasts aren’t new, they predate the internet with the first known podcast, known as ‘audio blogging’, created back in the 1980s. This format allowed people to share their thoughts and opinions via an audible recording.

‘Podcast’ was coined by journalist Ben Hammersley in 2003 and exploded in 2005 when Apple™ added podcasting to iTunes and released a newer version of the iPod supporting audible content on-demand.i

Accessing content is easy

Podcasts are an easy and convenient way for us absorb information, especially when our lives and routines are busier than ever. Streaming is also easy – you can listen to them on different devices simply by downloading the app and episodes on your smartphone or via a web browser on your laptop, computer or tablet.

One of the most loved benefits, is that you can listen to a podcast virtually anywhere. If you are streaming a podcast on your smartphone you can listen to it on the go – whilst you’re exercising, cleaning the house, gardening, commuting to work, or driving in the car, and the good thing is, majority of the podcasts available you can download for free.

Some podcast creators will have advertising throughout their episodes which helps cover the cost of creating the podcast, allowing them to share their content for free rather than charging listeners to subscribe. Most popular podcasts release episodes weekly keeping their listeners engaged.

So many topics to choose from

With so many varied subjects and topics readily available, there is something for everyone – there are programs designed to improve your health and wellbeing, foster personal growth and professional development or you can simply download content specifically for entertainment purposes. For example, if you missed one of your favourite programs on a radio station, download it and listen on-demand, or rather than read a book you can download it and listen to an audible version.

Many businesses are also choosing podcasts as another way to communicate, educate and engage with their customers and clients. They can be short weekly episodes or longer and less frequent.

With the explosion in popularity, online communities have been formed for podcast creators and fans alike. This allows like-minded people to join a forum to discuss ways to create or improve their podcast or fans can chat to others about their favourite podcast.

Some of the most popular topics downloaded are – pop-culture, true crime, business and finance, comedy, health and wealth, news and sport, and technology-based podcasts – the choices are endless.

What are we listening to?

To give you an idea of what Australian’s are currently subscribing to, here are the most popular podcasts in the countryii:

West Cork – this non-fiction podcast focuses on the longest unresolved murder in Irish history.

Darling Shine – a weekly Q & A with Chloe Fisher & Ellidy Pullin for women about women.

Conversations (ABC) – with over 3000 episodes, this podcast covers topics from indigenous issues through to sporting triumphs.

Casefile – an award-winning true-crime podcast that investigates solved and unsolved cases globally.

Hamish & Andy – the comedic duo continues to make us laugh with their highly contagious podcast.

China – If You’re Listening – this ABC podcast discusses the recent change in relationship between China and Australia and more.

She’s on the Money – Victoria Devine hosts this highly relatable, easy to understand finance podcast for women.

Mamamia Out Loud – this covers a wide range of topics from beauty, pop culture through to parenting and the Kardashian’s.

Coronacast – stay up-to-date with the latest news and insights to help you live through the current pandemic.
As you can see, there is something for everyone!

Whether you’re a tradie, a retiree, small business owner, or a podcast lover in general there are podcasts out there that will motivate, educate, inspire, or simply entertain us all. Happy listening!

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