One of the most frustrating things for us, as investors and advisors, is watching our clients lose money. Every investor starts with good intentions towards building wealth, and yet we still see too many people who keep forking out too much to own a property that just hasn’t gone up in value quite so much as they had hoped.

So, starting this week, we’ll be analysing real life deals for you every second Wednesday. Armed with little more than, the Somers’ PIA software, our depreciation estimation tool, and a passion for making money out of property investment; Danny will show us all just how easy it is to make a little coin in today’s market.

There will be a lot of assumptions needed, of course, and by no means would any of these analysis exercises on our blog constitute specific advice. The sole purpose of this regular feature will be to highlight different strategies and methods with which to create wealth in real estate. So for consistency, each deal will assume that the investor has a taxable income of $100,000 prior to purchase, no other properties in that state, and is using existing equity their portfolio to contribute towards borrowing full purchase price plus costs.

We can also do this purchase analysis for you, too, if you have a potential investment in mind. Just shout if you’d like to know a little more about this new service.

We’d love to help you increase your wealth.