As our facebook friends would have seen online this morning, we’re about to move the office back to our roots in outer eastern Melbourne. Just a stone’s throw from Dale’s old office in Kilsyth, we’re proud to announce that our new home will be:

17 Macauley Place, Bayswater.

Now, why are we moving? As many of you will know, we first started the business in the foothills once upon a time, before moving into the city about two or three years ago. By moving back out to suburbia, we’ll be much closer to home and much better placed to look after you better. And personally, with the prospect of starting a family in the next year or two… working much closer to home certainly has a lot of appeal there, as well.

We know that for some, this pushes the office a little further away from you than we already are (sorry about that), while for others, we’ll now be just around the corner. And, about a third of you are already over 500kms away and probably couldn’t care less! Either way; with emails, phone calls, postage, skype, facebook, and everything else… we’re never too far away.

We’re yet to find out our new phone number, but the current number will divert to the new office for at least a month after we move. So, you shouldn’t have any problems getting in touch. All of our new contact details will be updated on the website as soon as we’ve got them, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.

So! On Thursday 12th May at about 5pm, we’ll be closing the doors here in Fitzroy, and reopening in Bayswater at 9am Tuesday 17th. Sure, we just had a long weekend, but this will make sure that we can get everything moved and setup in one fell swoop, ready for the end of financial year.

Lastly, and unfortunately, we’ll be losing Dannielle in the moving process. She’s been an absolute star since joining us over two year ago, and we wish her all the best as she moves onto bigger and brighter things. She’ll still be here until next Thursday, so be sure to drop her a line and say goodbye.

We’re excited about the move and our plans for the next stage of growth for our business, and looking forward to working with you again soon from our new offices in Bayswater.