It’s that time of week again, for the Share Trading update. It’s been a very interesting week this week with David taking the lead and sitting on 24,319, but James isn’t very far behind at all. But it is still early and anyone still has the chance to win.

Next week is the last chance to join this round if you’re interested in building up extra knowledge about trading shares or just want to have some fun. Just email me and I’ll get you started!

On a different but interesting note,

We found a very interesting article in the news this week that we thought that you may like to be aware of. In short, the Tax Office are thinking about calculating all basic individual tax returns for you and just sending you what they think you should get as a refund. Obviously this wouldn’t apply to investors and businesses but it could be a good move to make things easier for most people. The other thing with this is that it would free up more Tax Office resources to look at other taxpayers instead, so it would be even more important to always remember to keep your receipts and records in good order!

Oh, and we also posted that article on our facebook page as well. You should check that out too and see the other interesting things that we find from time to time.