Chantelle Baxter is the rather talented individual who first created the current amazing design for our website. She’s also the driving force behind One Girl (the new name for Project8, for those playing at home), changing the world one girl at a time.

Her charity is based around providing education and support for young girls and women in Africa. You can check it out (and if you’re feeling generous, make a donation) on this page here:

The official launch is coming up very soon and we wanted to help promote the event by pointing you in the general direction. It’s for a great cause, and looks like it will be one hell of a lot of fun. Samantha and I will both be there and it’d be fantastic to run into a few of you, as well. So at the very least, click on this link and see what it’s all about. And maybe while you’re at it, like them on facebook and help spread the word – thanks!