This spreadsheet is a little more complicated than the other spreadsheets I’ve created, though it is fairly simple to use.

While it can be used for simple data entry, it is aimed at providing information about past performance and analysing your trading strategies, if you have been trading at an overall loss to date. This spreadsheet extracts and works with two main pieces of information: Your accuracy percentage (Profitable trades/total trades) and Current profit/loss ratio (using absolute figures: Average profit on profitable trades/Average loss on negative trades).

Remember that it isn’t necessary to have 100% of your trades profitable; you just need your wins to outscore your losses.

So if you are not satisfied with your past performance you can use these figures to help with making a decision. This spreadsheet will tell you the minimum accuracy percentage you need to break even; so if you wish to change investment strategies you can test the strategies and if they aren’t delivering you your desired percentage then you know to change strategies. If you are happy with your strategy, then this spreadsheet will also tell you the minimum profit/loss ratio required to break even, which then provides you with minimum profit and loss targets. In other words you can use these figures as a guide for when to sell a share and what profit / loss you are comfortable to accept.

Feel free to check it out and give it a try; and if you have any queries or questions don’t hesitate to ask.