Hey! We wanted to let you all know about a couple of seminars coming up that we’re going to be involved in.

On the 17th March, Verix – March Property Investing Event – Tax Strategies. James will be speaking about tax strategies for investors with topics like capitalising interest, creative tax deductions, and different ownership structures. We’ve also negotiated a discount for our blog readers, so please email me directly if you’re interested.

Also, there is the Renovate & Profit Workshop on the 27th March, where you can learn about using renovation as a wealth creation tool, how you can get Real-Estate agents and tradies working for you and so much more. There will be a variety of speakers for different topics, and it certainly isn’t all about us. Again, we’ve organised a 20% discount on this event for our readers and fans of our facebook page, so just shout if you’d like the promotion code for this one.