Just one week to go in the sharemarket game now. I’m sounding like a broken record but Dave is still in front with $24,651. Last time David R managed to overtake James in the last week of trading – can someone storm from behind to beat Dave before Christmas?

In other news… we let you all know recently about the tax office updates happening in January that will play havoc with their systems for a little while. Well now they’re telling us that some processing will be suspended in the weeks leading up to the upgrades and may continue right through February 2010, just until the new system gradually returns to full processing.

Both business and individual taxpayers are encouraged to have their tax returns and activity statements lodged as early as possible to reduce any delays, and they tell us that January 11th 2010 is a date worth aiming for if you’re expecting a refund.

The usual due dates don’t change at all because of all this, just the time that the tax office will need to process things, so don’t stress too much and have a great weekend everyone!