Ok, so this one might be a little cheeky. But hey, can’t hurt to mention it anyway as it really does benefit you, dear reader.

The key concept with prepaying expenses is to bring forward things that you know that you’ll have to buy sooner or later anyway. Get them inside of this financial year and you get to claim the tax benefit back almost straight away instead of waiting until over a year later. We discussed this recently in reference to prepaying interest; it’s a good system, hey?

The same principle can apply with accounting fees. You know that it’s gonna happen soon enough, so by taking us up on this offer… you get a tax benefit, and you give me a tax problem! 😉

Existing clients will also get the existing rates, instead of the slightly-increasing rates that will come into play from July onwards, which makes for a discount on offer, as well. I know that you all love a discount.

So! With just a slight hint of mischievousness, we’ll leave you with that one to think about. And if you’re interested, feel free to drop either myself or Dannielle a line and we’ll get something hooked up for you.