Most of you would know that it’s not just new stuff that you can depreciate in your investment properties. A good quantity surveyor can find heaps of extra deductions for you as well.

So we have been busy doing some negotiating with our good friends at BMT and Depreciator to get you guys a special rate on depreciation schedules, especially for our clients and readers here. If you’ve recently purchased a new property or done a renovation and you need a quantity surveyor report, it’s a good idea to get that written up before tax time so you can claim the highest possible deduction for the decline in your assets. And if you get that happening before the end of June then you can claim their fees in your 2010 tax returns as well.

If you’re interested please email me and I’d be more than happy to send you an application form to fill out. Or just mention our name when you call them and I’m sure they’ll look after you well.