With the end of this financial year quickly approaching now, Danny and I have scribbled a few notes about how you might be able to pay a little less tax if you get yourself organised on this side of June, instead of afterwards.

You can download it by checking out our House of Wealth facebook page. As a little sneak peek, these are a few of the “magic tricks” that we talk about in the booklet…

  • claiming for home office expenses
  • how depreciation works for investment properties
  • gifts to your partner (and yourself!)
  • claiming the cost of your kids’ education, and your own
  • the danger of “wash sales”
  • plus many other tax planning ideas and deductibility concepts
  • and the ideal time to really start planning towards paying less tax!

Feedback is always welcome so be sure to let us know what you think by adding a comment either there, or here on our website. We hope that it proves useful – enjoy!