As you may have read previously, we have been running ASX share games to increase exposure to the share market and allow ourselves and other investors to try out new trading techniques. Our most recent game finished last Friday, after an interesting 10 weeks in the market.

I know for me at least it was nice to have a place like the share game to “test the waters” and try to adapt my trading to suit the recently shaky market. For me it’s so much easier to trade in trading simulators as one of the most influential emotions that is experienced in trading is removed: Fear of loss.

I generally prefer to trade in a select few shares that I get to know personally, tracking their movements and trading in and out of them in different situations to get used to their behaviours. I found this to be the most successful strategy for me in trading in the share game. I still look for signs such as changes in trend lines, influential extraneous factors and altered volume activity or volatility; but when there are only a select few shares to monitor it makes it much more manageable more me to keep up to date with the behaviour of my shares.