Yep, the House of Wealth Share Trading Game is back. Yay! It will be commencing on Thursday the 11th of March, just after the long weekend. So come on guys, take the challenge and play against us and other clients, there is a prize for the winner!

If you’re interested in participating please email me here and I’ll give you the Rules and Registration handout to get you started. It’s great fun and helps build your share trading skills. Last time, our very own Dave won with a total networth of $25,243, a great effort after starting the game with $20,000, over 25% return in just ten weeks.

The average score for all players was about $22,000 – making an annualised return of 64% across the board. Think you can do better than that? Or you’re really not sure, but think it could be fun to try? Come and play – you know you want to!