Many of our clients use the PAYGW Variation forms to improve cashlow. Good plan; why leave your tax refund with the tax office (interest-free!) when you can have the cash sooner?

It’s about this time of year that we usually recommend that you should consider revising and submitting a new variation form for the current financial year. By now, we’re 3/4 through the financial year (already!) and so, we’ve got a pretty good idea of the rent received, vacancy periods, repairs and other expenses, and changes in the interest payments… let alone any additional properties or depreciation schedules acquired.

Particularly when the original variation is a little conservative, this means that lodging an updated form in April will see many investors having their tax withholding cut from their wages down to single-figure percentages. In some cases, this updated variation will result in two or three months of tax-free wages. You’ve gotta love that!

So, if you’d like our help with getting that moving for you, just drop us a line or check our checklist.